DSC_0694Diane Anita Scott is the wife of Bishop Carl H. Scott and the mother of six children. Lady Diane serves faithfully beside her husband as Partner in Ministry at The Bible Tabernacle Christian Center in York, Pennsylvania. She was raised in a family who regularly attended church. From her earliest memory, she always had an awareness of God. When she was 11 years old, she prayed to receive Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. After becoming a Christian, she loved to read the Bible and pray. She made a habit of spending time with God every night. She had a deep desire to please Him. While in high school, she met Carl Scott. After a high school courtship, they were married in September of 1956, the year they graduated. In 1962 with two children at home, she enrolled in beauty school. After  graduating with a  Bachelor Degree in Beauty Culture from Dudley University, she opened her first Beauty Salon in 1968. The shop became her first “mission field,” when she was not busy doing hair, she read the Bible and prayed. She was able to lead a number of her clients to Christ. Her shop became known as a place where women couldn’t gossip or use bad language. Lady Diane and her daughter, Anita, own and operate “Diane and Anita’s Beauty Salon Boutique,” one of the finest beauty salons in the city of York. In 1989, while her husband was in Africa, he asked her to lead Worship services. Lady Diane enjoyed leading worship and was well received by the congregation, making her the Pastor’s choice as the Worship leader. She continues to be a spirit-filled Worship leader for the Sunday morning service. Lady Diane served as the Superintendent of the Sunday school and has completed a course study in Leadership Training.  In addition to her role as Partner in Ministry, she sings on the choir, serves as a member of the Deaconess Ministry, leads the Prayer Ministry and serves as a chef with the Culinary Arts Ministry. Lady Diane and Bishop Scott’s children actively serve in the ministry of the Church.  Twice she accompanied her husband to Liberia West Africa, where her mother was serving as a missionary. On the second trip they led a team of 26 workers and built an eight-classroom school building. Lady Diane supplied all of the meals for the workers. She continues to depend on the Lord, looking to Him for everything. She says, “I’ve found that when we have faith, and are in the will of God, He does direct our lives so that all things work out for good.” She has been working in the church almost all of her life and is still going strong for the Lord. “To God be the Glory”. She has received national recognition through articles written about her work and witnessing in her Beauty Salon.  The articles were published in the Alliance Life magazine,  (a publication of the Christian and Missionary Alliance) which is distributed across the United States and in many foreign countries.  She was highlighted in Decision magazine, a product of the Billy Graham Organization.  On Saturday, October 26, 2013 Lady Diane received The Key to the City of York, PA from Mayor Kim Bracey during a banquet honoring Lady Diane for being the oldest African American business owner in the city.  She has owned and operated Diane and Anita’s Beauty Salon for over forty five years. Lady Diane Scott is a beautiful woman of God who serves faithfully by her husband’s side in ministry at The Bible Tabernacle Christian Center. She loves the Lord, her family, her community, and her Church. She is affectionately called “Mom” by many in the congregation, the York community, and beyond.