Our Church History

And so it began…

On May 23, 1977, Rev. Carl H. Scott, his wife, and six people met in his family home to discuss the plans to organize a church. The church would be a non-denominational, fundamental Bible-believing church. Since its doctrinal beliefs would be based strictly on the Bible, the church would be called “The Bible Tabernacle Church.” The church motto suggested by Sis. Helen Tolson was adopted: “WE BELIEVE GOD”. In Sept. 1977 Pastor toured the Roth Building (361 S. Pine St), a former bowling alley and book store. Pastor Scott informed the church, he believed this would be the place to set up a permanent place of worship and become the church’s home. On December 29, 1978, more than a year later, the sale was completed. On Saturday, December 30, 1978, the great transformation began to turn the building into a house of worship. Significant Historical Events: August 27, 1978 – Pastor Scott participated in the glorious event of baptizing 22 people in the Susquehanna River. February 25, 1979-The first church service was held in the sanctuary at 361 S. Pine St. 1985-BT joined the Christian Missionary Alliance. The ministry was greatly blessed. 1992-The fellowship hall was completed. The hall was later named the Herbert Scott Sr. Fellowship Hall in honor of Pastor Scott’s father. 1993- B.T. elected and appointed its first Deacon and 2 Elders. 1997-B.T. ordained its first female to the gospel ministry 2001-Stetler Dodge donated a 15 passenger van to our newly established van ministry. What a blessing this would be. 2007- B.T. disaffiliated from the Christian Missionary Alliance and changed its name to Bible Tabernacle Christian Center (B.T.C.C.). 2007-B.T.C.C. began the lofty journey of raising $500,000 for much needed renovations to the sanctuary and building. 2009-B.T.C.C. renovations were completed…to God be ALL the Glory. The dream was realized. TODAY…B.T.C.C. is leading souls to salvation through Jesus Christ, it is still our number one mission.  Through the anointed visionary leadership of Bishop. Carl H. Scott, and his partner in ministry Lady Diane Scott.